Dance the Night Away at the City of Raleigh Specialized Recreation Community Masquerade

Come dance the night away with the City of Raleigh Specialized Recreation Community! The theme for this dance is formal - masquerade. We will arrive before the dance starts to create a fun and inviting atmosphere by setting up and decorating. Then, we will get the opportunity to greet all of the dance guests, and make them feel welcome and excited! We will dance the night away and be sure everyone is having a great time! The night will conclude with clean up after our guests leave. The City of Raleigh Specialized Recreation Services offer programs to meet the recreational needs of individuals with developmental and/or physical disabilities of all ages. Specialized Recreation Services provide the opportunity for individuals to improve their leisure skills and gain new experiences and offer the opportunity for participants to develop and maintain skills that will encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle. This event is family friendly with parental supervision, but please keep in mind the time of night. Volunteers should dress to impress, our guest will be in formal attire, so will we. The dance will take place at the Five Points Adult Center at 2000 Noble Road in Raleigh. Parking is available at the location. Please contact the event host at the email provided with any questions.



CIty of Raleigh-Specialized Recreation

2000 Noble Road Raleigh, NC 27608

Campus: RDU: Raleigh/Morrisville


5:00 pm


10:00 pm