New Year, New You: Single Moms Event

Let's shower the clients at Davie Pregnancy Care Center with love and care at this women-only event! Davie Pregnancy Care Center provides free crisis intervention and medical assistance for women. We will get to have some great conversations with the ladies as we pamper them. Some of the ways we will get to bless them will be through hair styling stations, providing pedicures, giving facials, and feeding them lunch. We'll even get to help watch their kids, giving these single moms a much deserved time of rest! Volunteers must be female and at least 15 years old. Parking is in front of the building. Please contact the host at the email provided with any questions.



Davie Pregnancy Care Center

491 Madison Rd. Mocksville, NC 27028

Campus: Winston-Salem


9:30 am


12:30 pm

The Volunteer list is Full for this Event.