Gethsemane Gallup 5k Volunteers

This is a 5k race in which the proceeds go to Gethsemane Garden Christian Centre in Kenya. GGCC Kenya Gethsemane Garden Christian Centre is a Christian boarding school for HIV/AIDS orphans in Kenya, located in the Lake Victoria region of East Africa. The founders of the school witnessed the devastating effects of the HIV/AIDS pandemic while conducting Bible translation. Their vision was to rescue these children and to provide them food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and a Christian education.

You are signing up to volunteer to help make the 5k race a success. Which means you can might be asked to volunteer in one of several areas:
Water stop (you might get wet - so great for family's)
Course monitor (helping to show the runners where to turn)
Finish Line
Passing out food after the race
Cheering on the runners

A couple of days before the race you will get some more information from Anthony Sereno. He will reach out to you with more information on where you might be volunteering. The race starts at 8 am, so we are looking for our awesome volunteers to be on site at 7 am. The race is at the following location:
McAlpine Creek Greenway
8711 Monroe Rd
Charlotte, NC

Families are welcome and parking available at McAlpine Creek Greenway.




McAlpine Creek Greenway Monroe, NC TBD


7:00 am


10:00 am

Event Host: